Chronotron Walkthrough – Level 18

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I signed an NDA and I'm not sure what is public knowledge yet so I'm only able to vague tweet. :D

It's gonna be rad when I can talk about the new project I'm working on part time to pay the bills! So exciting!

Glad that gamergate is finally over. That was a stupid era.

"We looked into the allegations and it turns out they were the insane ramblings of a paranoid mob" is basically what I read. Sounds familiar

Let me guess, the strange email I got from IGF about a scandal not existing had something with gamergate anomaly hunting.

Con sarn it. My computer overheated again.

I'd still really like to play as Ellie (Digistructor) and/or Tiny Tina (Explosionist) in @Borderlands some day.

Being an independent contractor would be more lucrative if I actually remembered to write invoices in a timely manner. :/

That's what you'd expect from a group that accidentally named themselves after an ant caste. #GamerGate

Hint: polygamy doesn't mean "many games", idiots.

If you think #misogamy means hating gamers, you are terrible at etymology. Try again.

Siri almost just tweeted me lecturing my stepkids.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe: a) fire. b) helium. c) underwater. d) all of the above

I really wish the @kickstarter iOS app made it easier to message all the people in a backer level instead of telling me I can't bid on myslf

Which reminds me, I should send out a message to my Kickstarter backers that there's a new version!

I'm pretty proud of the Cyborg Tyrannosaur mini boss, even if it still needs more animation frames to look pro.

Looking forward to the Madison Indies meetup tomorrow! (Run by @AeornFlippout) We're all sharing demos! I'm excited to show my progress!

I feel fine enough but risking her getting a cold or anything is just not an option. Stupid viruses wrecking our fun :(

I'm grumpy because I had a date tonight but I had to cancel cause I was sick and she works with immune compromised kids and can't risk it

The final space dungeon will likely share a lot of tiles with world 2 though I may make changes.