Chronotron on Kotaku

Chronotron was given an awesome review on Kotaku!

Also: Gawker, Gamers with Jobs (Who have an awesome podcast), Christie St. Martin’s Funny Pages 2.0 column on the LA Times website, Binary JoySlackerJack, The Fun and Games Blog on, YesButNoButYes, Gaming Shenanigans and a video review on Randamity on the CW Arkansas website!

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My friend did this piano cover of (apparently) the only good thing about Final Fantasy X2…

Connected Worlds... I hope someone does a dating sim where you're Earth and try to woo the other planets. #notpluto

Btw my brother is not a misogynist, but he does have "concerns" about chemtrails.

(I'm an army of 10,000 skeletons)

Because I'll turn him into a Skeptic yet.

The only person who can get away with claiming something is a "false flag" to me and not be muted forever is my little brother.

The Onion is satire, The National Report is just trolling.

That took too many tries to URL shorten, I am bad at Silver Bird.

Damn, this is well-written! "Gaming Misogyny Gets Infinite Lives:" by @AmandaMarcotte

I want to use google+ sometimes, but I just can't deal with the layout.

Guys I have a bug where horizontal velocity is being reset in one of the ship modes in space and I don't know why.

If you're not outside naked screaming all of your secrets and regrets into the night, you're guilty of censorship!

People who complain about "censorship" who don't understand what the word means. Stop pooping with the door shut. Don't censor the bathroom!

Seriously considering seeing my new kitten's reaction to my Space Invaders 2 cocktail cabinet. Will try to video results.

My stepkids are trolling me with the Digimon theme song, since I declared my car a "Pokemon only zone" yesterday.

If you ever see your own severed head hidden in some corner, pick it up; That's an extra life! #videogamesareeducational

I hope the next Half Life game is a pre-sequel. That'll teach 'em.

Yessss. Got my first reply from a sockpuppet account.

Me: "I've been really bad about keeping up with twitter, I should really get back to - OHGODWHY!?"