Chronotron Walkthrough – Level 8

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Seriously considering seeing my new kitten's reaction to my Space Invaders 2 cocktail cabinet. Will try to video results.

My stepkids are trolling me with the Digimon theme song, since I declared my car a "Pokemon only zone" yesterday.

If you ever see your own severed head hidden in some corner, pick it up; That's an extra life! #videogamesareeducational

I hope the next Half Life game is a pre-sequel. That'll teach 'em.

Yessss. Got my first reply from a sockpuppet account.

Me: "I've been really bad about keeping up with twitter, I should really get back to - OHGODWHY!?"

Guys I have a new kitten. Everything's going to be okay.

The eyes bucket challenge: Bathe in the vitreous fluid of your enemies. (To raise awareness of your glorious victory.)

When you air your relationship's dirty laundry and share nudes of your ex, you're telling everyone to never ever trust you.

I finally fixed that bug where the targeting reticule in missile launcher mode would start to be sort of affected by gravity after you died.

Mechagami @Kickstarter succeeded! I get to continue being an Indie Game Developer!

15 minutes until the Mechagami Kickstarter is over!…

It's the last day of the Mechagami Kickstarter! Soooooo clooooooose!…

Man do I love FTL. It's a perfect game to just forget about everything stressful and fully commit to.

I would totally watch a web series that was just Captain @Jam_sponge on the comm.